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1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 152 
After the Nazi seizure of power, Julius Streicher's pornographic, antisemitic rag, Der Stürmer, became one of the most widely read newspapers in Germany. Established in Nuremberg in the 1920s, the paper had a national distribution by 1939. This photograph shows a young man gazing at a poster taped to the daily's Danzig office. The poster reads, "The Jews are our misfortune," a widely held sentiment embodying the Nazi position on the "Jewish question."
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
This photo montage, "The Scourge of God," by an unknown artist or artists, shows the Nazis' view of Poland's Jews at the time of the invasion. The image, used as evidence at the postwar Nuremberg Trials, appeared in the antisemitic hate sheet Der Stürmer.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Antisemitism was, of course, not confined to Europe. This antisemitic flier, printed in the United States in 1939, links Judaism and communism, just as German anti-Jewish propaganda did. Like so much anti-immigrant propaganda of the 1930s, the flier blames the Jews for the severe unemployment brought on by the Great Depression. Such appeals, based upon the economic concerns of a mass audience, were among the most effective utilized by antisemitic groups.
Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
 1939: Approximately 78,000 Jews leave Germany. Jewish valuables throughout Germany are confiscated.
 1939: Hermann Esser's antisemitic book, The Jewish World Plague, is published in Germany.
 1939: SS chief Heinrich Himmler is appointed Reich commissioner for strengthening German nationhood. Eager to increase the growing Aryan birth rate, Himmler orders his SS men to impregnate their wives and to act as "conception assistants" to childless women over the age of 29.
 1939: The first issue of Die Aktion: Kampfblatt für das neue Europa (The Action: Newspaper for Fighting for the New Europe), an antisemitic propaganda periodical distributed outside of Germany, is published.
1939: The War Against The Jews
 pg. 152 
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