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1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 402 
The workers of the Lutsk, Ukraine, slave-labor camp were prepared for a revolt on December 12, 1942. Nazi troops who arrived to liquidate the camp were thrown back by Jewish workers, who were armed with axes, knives, acid, iron bars, bricks, and small arms. The Germans regrouped and tossed grenades at the carpentry shop for more than 12 hours. Finally, after the Nazis set the shop ablaze, about 50 of the resisters hanged themselves rather than die in the manner their antagonists intended. The resisters seen here are Lutsk-area partisans, whose own brand of defiance further preoccupied the Germans.
Photo: Yad Vashem
This women's band performed at the Vittel detention camp in France. Relatively good conditions prevailed there as long as the Gestapo sought to trade foreign nationals and Jews with valid foreign passports for German nationals held by the Allies. In spring 1944, however, Jews with valid papers from occupied and belligerent nations were shipped to the Drancy, France, transit camp. European Jews holding transit documents from Latin American countries (most of which were neutral) were sent to Auschwitz, in part because the countries that had issued the papers repudiated them.
Photo: Comitņ International de la Croix Rouge / United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Among the Vilna (Lithuania) Ghetto's most extraordinary accomplishments was its library. This poster from December 1942 celebrates the library's lending of its 100,000th book. Organized by the library's director, Hermann Kruk, the occasion celebrated the community's love of literature and commitment to learning even during these cruel times. Reading provided both entertainment and escape from the harshness of daily life in the ghetto.
Photo: Beth Hatefutsoth
 December 24, 1942: Germans mount a second hunt in Poland's Parczew Forest for fugitive Jews.
 December 24, 1942: French Admiral Francois Jean Darlan, a Vichy government political power and collaborator, is shot and fatally wounded by 20-year-old French royalist Fernand Bonnier de la Chapelle; See December 26, 1942.
 December 25, 1942: Four prisoners who escape from the Sobibór extermination camp are shot dead after they are betrayed by local villagers.
1942: The "Final Solution"
 pg. 402 
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