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1933: The Nazi State Begins
 pg. 70 
SA Storm Trooper, symbolizing a proud and purposeful Germany, graces the cover of the program for the Herbstparade der SA (Autumn Parade of the Storm Troopers). At the September 1933 Nuremberg Party rally, the SA celebrated the Party's rise to power with Hitler's appointment as chancellor earlier that year. In songs, speeches, and processions, solemn remembrance of fallen comrades was joined with joyous celebration at the dawn of the Third Reich.
Photo: Philip Drell
The sensationalized portrayal of the mentally ill reinforced Nazi ideology regarding the worthiness of life. Pictured here as "idiots," mental patients were hidden and isolated, as if they were members of another species. Their days in Germany were numbered.
Photo: Marion Davy/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
"Life without hope" is how Nazi propaganda artists portrayed patients in Germany's mental institutions. The mentally ill, the handicapped, and those convicted of sex crimes were labeled inferior and were systematically removed from the German Volk. Legislation passed in July 1933 allowed for the sterilization of persons suffering from "incurable" hereditary problems. By 1937 200,000 people had been sterilized.
Photo: Marion Davy/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Photo Archive
Pope Pius XI, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, signed a Concordat with Hitler in July 1933 that guaranteed the legal status and protection of the German Catholic Church and its organizations. In spite of the agreement, however, the Nazis imprisoned Catholic religious leaders and harassed parochial schools.
Photo: Archive Photos
 October 4, 1933: The Editor Law calls for racially pure journalism and forces the dismissal across Germany of Jewish reporters and publishing executives. A codicil strips newspaper editors of power over content.
 October 21, 1933: Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.
 October 27, 1933: Arabs riot in Palestine to protest immigration of Jews.
 November 1933: The Deutsche Christen organization stages a rally in Berlin to honor "Christ the Hero."
 November 1933: The first issue of editor A. Ristow's antisemitic Blick in die Zeit (A Look at the Times) is published in Germany.
1933: The Nazi State Begins
 pg. 70 
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