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Welcome to The Holocaust Chronicle web site.

T his is a not-for-profit project.
This web site contains every word and image that appear in the print edition of The Holocaust Chronicle, published by Publications International, Ltd in April 2000.

The 800 pages and more than 1,800 images can be searched and viewed in a number of ways.

Read The Book: This web site is arranged exactly as the book is arranged, so you may read through the information in exactly the same way you would read the book, page by page, beginning with page 17.

Index Search: By clicking on the Index link on the navigation bar, you can easily find all instances of any word, name, or location that appear in The Holocaust Chronicle.

Keyword Search: The entire Holocaust Chronicle web site may be searched using a simple keyword, such as Munich or Theresienstadt. A new page will appear with search results, short descriptions of the destination pages, and links directly to those pages.

Go Directly to a Chapter: The Holocaust Chronicle is written in a chronological format, and every year from 1933 to 1945 represents a separate chapter of the book. You may use the “Chapter” pull down menu to go directly to the beginning of each chapter.

Page Number: Entering any page number between page 17 and page 698 in the “Page Number” search box will take you directly to that page.

Date Search: Events can be found utilizing the “Date Search” function. To view events that happened within a span of dates, select the month, date, and year in the “From” and “To” set of pull-down menus. To find events that happened on one specific date, only enter information into the “From” pull-down menus.

If you have any questions on the content of The Holocaust Chronicle, or how to best utilize the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Holocaust Chronicle
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